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Delicate and delightful flower buds

This unique and aesthetically pleasing pendant from asa iceland’s Spring Time collection brings new meaning to the word “light.” Balancing on two ends of a chain, our flower buds move with you in this unusual design. Since this is one of our most playful designs, we hope you will wear it when you want to have some fun.

A lighthearted pendant

Our Spring Time collection is exceptionally whimsical for a modern Scandinavian style. Yet it still calls forth the clean minimalism typical of a Northern Europe’s aesthetic. asa iceland designed it to mix easily with any piece in the collection. However, we often wear it with the Spring Time chain studded earrings, bracelet and ring which share the flowerbud’s unique shape. Although inspired by springtime, the design is simple enough to be suitable throughout the year. Its airy beauty suits younger women and informal occasions. A broad array of women, of course, can enjoy it on various kinds of events.

About the jewellery

Spring Time pendant with “diamond” cut chain between the two silver flower buds.

Both pendant and chain are made from Rhodium plated sterling silver.

Size: H:50mm

Product code: asa0010-22

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