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DETOX - BATH SALT with seaweed

Relaxing and detoxifying blend of geothermal mineral rich sea salt, hand harvested seaweed and therapeutic essential oils. The blend hydrates and softens the skin leaving the body refreshed.

Add a handful of bath salt to a warm bath and allow to settle. Enjoy the experience of true relaxation for body and mind.


Ingredients & benefits:

SEA SALT: Icelandic sea salt produced with geothermal energy that contains high levels of magnesium and natural minerals. The blend hydrates and softens the skin, reduces inflammation and leaves the skin soft.

SEAWEED : Helps detoxify and draws excess fluid and waste impurities from the skin. Decreases the appearance of fine lines by smoothing & moisturizing the skin.

LAVENDER : Relieves stress & anxiety

GERANIUM : Improves circulation, balances


10,5 oz / 300 gr

Made in Iceland


Ingredients: Sodium chloride, Fucus vesiculosus*, Lavandula angustifolia oil°,Pelargonium graveolens oil°.

°certified organic *wildcrafted

Free from parabens and other synthetic ingredients.