Madame LA LA

Madame LA LA is an exclusive indie beauty brand and self-tanning celebrity favourite inspired by LA, Malibu beach, the Hollywood lifestyle, wellbeing, slimming and of course, the anti-ageing rule - delivering the ultimate LA Glow! A combination of Coco Water and hydrating skincare benefits infused into a beachy coconut fragrance work to bronze, smooth and slim whilst emulating a quintessential ‘LA tan’ with style. Celeb fans include...Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens.

Founded by American-Brit Nicole Dash Jones, a British born beauty entrepreneur and artist/songwriter who has spent a fair bit of time living in LA.

Madame LA LA is the first beauty brand to launch a DD self tan to recognise the benefits of Coco Water within skincare, promoting an individual approach to combining unique organic ingredients for a targeted skincare experience exclusive to your needs, with a focus on tanning, slimming and the body. Products in the range include self tan mousse Madame LA LA Tan and Madame LA LA Tan LIGHT, with West Coast Face Bronzing Serum to complete the capsule collection. The range is a ‘dynamic do-all’ face and body tan, infused with a Hollywood must have Coco Water.

The hydrating and detoxing self tan mousse combines many natural anti-ageing ingredients such as Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E to ensure a long lasting natural tan and glowing skin that is well cared for. Madame LA LA Tan and Light provide an instant year-round LA look that develops quickly and fades naturally, with smoothing and skin finishing benefits to compliment an iconic sun-kissed glow all the way from LA LA LAND. The combination of ingredients enables the quick-dry tan to instantly colour correct, reducing the appearance of cellulite, lumps, bumps and uneven skin tones. The tan is a streak-free modern formulation.

West Coast bronzing serum is an instant self tan pick-me-up for the face, producing an LA-worthy glow. Infused with Coco Water & Green Tea to hydrate and brighten. Antioxidants Vitamin C and CQ10 combine with Vitamins A, E to protect skin and fight signs of ageing, boosting cellular renewal and collagen for a smooth complexion. The easy-to-apply tinted formula adapts to all skin tones and develops gradually. Use day or night.

The latest innovation comes in the shape of Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball, a 180°colour cosmetics twist-up cream bronzer for a precise glide on instant bronze – no makeup brushes needed! Bronzing Ball achieves an easy year round bronzed glow in effortless strokes – one shade suits all. Infused with Vit E & Coco Water hydrating properties the luminous and glimmering shade with a 180° dome applicator is easy to use for bronzing, contouring and highlighting the cheeks, lips and eyes. Inspired by Young Hollywood’s rising starlets.

Madame LA LA products are vegan and not tested on animals!

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