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Flowing freely on your arm

A hint of ocean dangles from your wrist in our simple Wave bracelet. The simple, whimsical design exudes the essence of nature’s strongest and most important force – the ocean. The clean lines, and slight hint of Viking inference, it is easy to see that asa iceland’s greatest source of inspiration comes from nature. This island nation is surrounded by the sea, so our design reflects this.

Feel the air of the ocean with our sterling silver bracelet

Clean, elegant and light asa iceland’s simple wave bracelet lets you exudes a taste of nature’s beauty on your wrist. You will enjoy wearing our feminine and elegant design for informal or festive occasions when you want just the right piece. The Wave collection brings you the feeling of tireless movement from the sea surrounding Iceland. You can bring more than a small taste of the sea by wearing more than one bracelet at a time. If you do this, then the sea will ebb and flow, much as it does in nature. Feel the energy of the sea’s peaks and valleys light silver chains on your wrist.

Add to the beauty by pairing Wave simple bracelets with matching earrings.

About the jewellery

  • Made from Rhodium plated sterling silver.
  • Size: Length, adjustable from 17-20 cm