Black Onyx Cross Earrings, Gold

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Handmade in Italy from 24ct yellow gold vermeil over sterling silver, these semi precious earrings feature onyx paste gemstones and intricate filigree.

A Note on Onyx: Known as a protecting and healing stone it is said to repel negativity and deflect the negativity of others. A gem thought to enhance determination, perseverance and help focus energy.

All Soru Jewellery is hand crafted using the highest quality materials, both lead and nickle free. We recommend you take extreme care when wearing due to the delicate nature of the natural gemstones. Store your jewellery in the pouch provided, out of direct sunlight. Remove jewellery while in water and avoid spraying perfume or applying creams directly to your jewellery. Avoid extreme temperatures, humidity and sunlight. We use natural gemstones which may contain internal inclusions, adding to the beauty and uniqueness of each individual gem. 

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€ 355 | IKR 45,000

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